My honourable Siblings,

Why do you always allow people who already arrived in life to hire you for the distruction of your future?

Is like you are not aware that the people they hired you to insult are their friends, they are constantly meeting at closed doors in the night to discuss matters that affects them without you in their minds.

They buy expensive weapons for mass distruction and give you to kill and become enemies of the society, you keep hiding in the bush while their children are studying in the best schools abroad.

Ask them whether is the same things they did when they were young before they became members of House of Representatives, Governors and Senators etc.

You sit hungry and use the remaining strength to insult people on Facebook, complain about every government policy. Instead of thinking of how you can start from where you are and reach where you want to be in life.

I am advising you to follow my foot steps and get to the top.

Below is a brief about my life;

I was born in a house where poverty germinated, any poverty you see in the world are the branches of the one that germinated in my Father’s house.

I started eating rice at the age of 14 but was once in a year.

My Mother was using leaves to bath me, till I grew up. Soap was a stranger to my house.

I used to trek barefooted to school 8 kilometers away from my house four times a day.

Poverty could not allow me go far in academics, but I took advantage of my disadvantage to be where I am today. I am making impact despite setbacks.

– I established the first Secondary school in my town, which is now Government Day Secondary School Abako at the age of 24

– I established the first soap and cosmetics company in Benue state that produces the popular SETIV SOAP, SETIV ATEH etc at the age of 26.

– I bought my first car, Peugeot 304 at the age 28

– I employed over 300 staff and had 14 cars at the age of 30.

– I answered the call of God to preach the gospel through the ministry of helps at the age of 32.

– I broke the ground for pentecostal gospel in Tiv land by being the first Tiv man to gather over 30 000 people on a weekday and closed Gboko market unannounced. Preached at St John’s parish and secondary school ground in Gboko as a pentecostal Evangelist for the first time in human history. Broke the barrier of orthodox when the whole Gboko town had less than 20 pentecostal churches. Today there are pentecostal churches on every Street of Gboko town and all over Tiv land with uncountable number of Tiv pentecostal Pastors. This was done at my age of 35.

– I established the House of Joy which is now the largest indigenous pentecostal church in Tiv land with over 200 branches at the age of 37.

– I built the first glass cathedral in Benue state which happens to be the first customised cathedral in the world single handedly in 42 days at the age of 39.

– I gave out 4 cars and 1 SUV ( Jeep ) to pastors on my 40th birthday. I can’t count the number of cars I have given out to people in my life.

I don’t want to talk about all I have done in my forties.

All these were done without parental and governmental assistance. I never insulted an elder or a government official. I never knew the reason and the meaning of government existence in my life. I have been busy serving my generation in the midst of toughest condition and harrasment from government in many places, yet I keep moving on everyday.

Can’t every young man and young woman start somewhere and forget about insulting and complaining about government ?

It is possible to make government irrelevant in your life.

I have not been to Benue state government house since the year 2000. I have never been to Aso Rock in my life. But I have over 500 people that eat on my table everyday. I have more than 100 students on scholarships in secondary and tertiary institutions. Over 100. 000 people on daily basis benefits from my free medical treatment mission across the globe. I recently sponsored over 800 people by paying 15. 000 each for their modern agricultural training by a Philippines firm at samzuga city.

I built houses for many people but I don’t have a room or a bed of my own in this whole wide world.

If I am going to be in government tomorrow, is to get the best platform to enable me to do my best, not as an opportunity to get money to build houses and buy cars.

Nigerians, change your mindset. God is all you need to meet all your needs.

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