It was an emotional scene during the last night episode of the big brother naija reunion show as housemates speak about their time at the house.

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This past few weeks have been about relationship and grudges between

housemates but things took a new turn last night when housemates

were questioned on why they failed to participate in some activities.

It was however Jackye that captured the heart of housemates and fans with

reason why she had not been partying with them whenever it’s time for that.

Friday as we all know is a day filled with enjoyment for housemates as

they club and party with themselves and this sometimes get out of hand as

they tend to get themselves involved in some dramatic scenes.

Jackye who has been labelled as a workaholic by some fans and

housemates have now disclose that she was sexually assaulted in the past

and this made her stop partying.

According to the talented tech expert, she began dating at a young age and

was sexually assaulted at a club she went to with her boyfriend at that time.

Jackye noted that the experience she had back then have been hurting her

and this were one of the reasons she vowed not to club again.

Watch video of Jackye revealing the shocking secret below:

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