It is quite understandable that every celebrity feel the need to ‘join the chorus and chant with one loud voice’ against xenophobic attacks, but just maybe one celebrity has taken it on another level with communicating her message.

Nancy Isime is an On-Air-personality (OAP) widely known for her causal sexy selfies which are often glamorous in views, and her latest share to condemning the attacks on Nigerians might have sent a mixed feeling to many observers, especially with such a sensitive issue captioned with a ‘teasing sexy selfie’ (seen below).

Nancy Isime note on xenophobia

Nancy Isime’s message is obviously genuine, but at same time her ‘sexy selfie’ is sending another message somehow. Nonetheless she noted: “Really hard to say I’m proudly African right now but I know someday I will be. How do we go to western countries and demand respect, love and acceptance when over here at home we hate ourselves, kill ourselves and create borders to keep ourselves away from each other.
One day, we’ll understand that the man trying to create a better life for him and his family isn’t the enemy.
The enemy is your mind.
Unlearn hatred, envy, jealousy and relearn Love, peace and unity.
God bless Africa?”

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