Popular niteclub owner Pretty Mike is surely in the mood for some giveaways for esteemed fans at the Payporte shop.

Niteclub boss Pretty Mike is doing giveaways

Not just about the brand stunt, Pretty Mike is the niteclub boss of Club Uno and he believes some giveaways for his followers and fans online & offline wouldn’t be a bad idea afterall. As am entrepreneur he likes to do that goodwill gesture.

He shared: ‘Tomorrow Friday the 27th makes its 30days to my birthday ..and I am starting my first major giveaway …i would be @payporte Tomorrow and I would be giving out 1 million Naira worth of items to my loyal fans …come to payporte store at Delekes mall admiralty way lekki phase 1 and shop on me,I will be there to Pay…..#PrettyMikeBirthdayGiveAway #CuttingTags #LifeStyle #WomenEmpowermentProgramLoading #martellbrandambassador #PabloWay”

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