In this era of social media, a whole lot of unverified news pop-up on a daily and the unsuspecting readers and/or online users are easily deceived. There’s a fresh rumour that actor Muyiwa Ademola is a proud father of a new born baby – a gist that had just been denied by the prolific actor himself and shared/reposted by actress Bimbo Thomas.

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The false news was previously posted on facebook, and it is said to be misleading. The Yoruba shared the actor’s disclaimer on her instagram page. She noted: “Sometimes when I see rumors like this I just laugh n move on but then again when u look at how such news has taken a turn to create tension so to speak then it needs a #disclaimer such as this ……. my pics n jayden at birth in 2016 was used as @authenticmuy my own broda #babaibeji owo oko Omolara dont mind ds pple newest n only baby as dey claimed ?? like who does that…….”

Muyiwa Ademola disclaimer

“#Repost from @authenticmuy with DISCLAIMER!!!
.When a lie isn’t debunked it eventually becomes true! I know people will say one shouldn’t debunke this type of rumor but I need to as it is taking another turn, so I need to clear the air. People have been sending me congratulatory messages and I felt it was for GBÀRÀDÁ alone, I just discovered it was for GBÀRÀDÁ and this rumored baby?. To all and sundry, I am using this moment to tell you that the circulated pics of a child and I was culled from GBÀRÀDÁ behind the scene photographs taken in 2018 when the film was shot. The woman in the collaged picture is a beloved and respected colleague.”

“All these things do not add up. I DON’T HAVE A NEW BABY O AND I AM MARRIED TO ONLY OMOLARA ADEMOLA❤?❤. Thanks for your time and understanding, –
Muyiwa Ademola Authentic. . Meanwhile GBÀRÀDÁ is still showing at the cinemas (I beg, rumor that this film has made over 100M at the cinemas and I won’t debunk this but claim it)??.”

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