Veteran singer, Terry G weeps profusely as he claims fans who labelled him a monster deprived of endorsement deals.

Terry G in tears as he claims fans labeling him a monster deprived him of endorsement (Video)

Terry G was the wave of the town some years ago when his singles like ‘Run Mad’,

Free Madness’, ‘Sexy Ladies’ and a host of others were being played across all the


However, his career took a dramatic turn around as he’s not been dishing out hit

tracks and now seems to have gone off the hook.

Terry G during a live chat with video producer, HG2 revealed that fans who

labelled him a monster during that period are one of the main reasons why he was

"Artiste doing secular music can’t have peace of mind" – Terry G (Video)

unable to get an endorsement deals.

The singer who was so emotional could not hold back his tears as he lamented on

how that has deprived him of sustaining the momentum that the entertainment

industry deserves.

Watch how Terry G weeps as he lamented about his ordeal below:


Terry G is a Nigerian popular music artiste and producer who has received critical acclaim for his unique brand and style of music.

The singer has released a number of well-received albums and is described as the craziest Nigerian musician.

His songs include Run Mad, Love affair, Sexy Lady, So High, and a host of others which shake the music industry.


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