Hols on a bit for that cracking football match between Chelsea and Liverpool, let me reveal a viral video of what some Camerounian ladies are up to.

Aside Chelsea vs Liverpool, thus viral video would stun you

Yes I know Chelsea hosting Liverpool would be somewhat that started match yiu all have been waiting to see this evening, but I can bet you this viral video of a bizarre marital practice in Cameroun would leave you bonkers! According to a particular tribe in Cameroun, a potential groom is put to a sexual test by the bride’s sisters in a bid to confirm his fidelity and allegiance.

Sounds weirs, right? Yes I know but it’s True to their tradition. As shared by a twitter profile below, you can see the trending video:

Seems the pressure is on as Davido blasts his haters

FYI, the Chelsea vs Liverpool match today is set to kick off at 16:30 GMT (4:30pm Nigerian time).


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