Popular Ghanaian actress Lydia forson was so quick to kill the rumour about her marital status.

Lydia forson Drags Trolls for talk about martial status

Award winning superstar model feel so uncomfortable with the way fans take up the issue of her not getting married at the age of 35.

Lydia who feels getting married is not a force and feels married woman should not make life difficult for those that are yet to get married.

She wrote this on her timeline :
“There are so many nasty ways I can respond to this, but I’m going to choose not to. And before you tell me to ignore, you have to walk a mile in my shoes, to understand how it feels to be constantly berated by people who know nothing about you, your life, struggles etc.

That red lipstick is magical on Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson

Why a happily married woman, would be so engrossed in the life of another woman not only baffles me but exposes a lot about her. It seems this is the only way to gain popularity and notoriety these days; but my dear you must be prepared for every smoke it comes with. So when things start to fall apart in your life, you know you laid the foundation.

Why my marital status is a constant subject of conversation is something I will never understand, does it feed, clothe or improve your life in anyway? ‪These are the people who’ll be suffering in their homes, crying at night, suffering abuse but will stay silent to maintain their “title”. Happy people rarely worry about other people.

Lydia Forson blast Ghanaian citizens who defy lockdown order to celebrate Easter

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