Did you know that there are pastors said to be worth millions of dollars? or how do we

determine the richest pastor in world as some of them are the proud owners of legitimate

businesses like schools, TV stations, and much more? Do you know who they are?

Who is the Richest Pastor in the World

These questions and much more would be explained in this article.

The argument about how much a pastor should be worth is one that would continue to raise dust whenever it is mentioned.

In this article, we would not only tell you who the richest pastor in the world are, but we would also tell you what they own.

Let’s jump right in

Who is a pastor?
A pastor as defined by the religion “Christianity” is someone called of God, whose primary

duty is to train, teach and nurture the members of his congregation.

He ensures the spiritual growth of his church.

Apart from the primary duty as stated above some of these men of God have become

multi-millionaires by getting involved in investment and businesses not just church and


Africa and Nigeria in particular proudly have a couple of their pastors amongst the


This is really an interesting list you are about to see; the ten pastors below are the richest

pastors in the world;

1. Pastor Kenneth Max Copeland – Who is the Richest Pastor in the World?

Copeland born on December 6, 1936, is the lead pastor Kenneth Copeland Ministries (KCM), he is worth US$ 300 million (April 2020).

Who is the Richest Pastor in the World

Married to Gloria, they both run KCM affairs with this organization based in Tarrant County, Texas in the USA.

This American pastor holds a 1500-acre land on the outskirts of Fort Worth.

On this massive piece of land sits a church building, an airstrip for his three private jets,

a mansion owned by the ministry, and a hangar where the ministry’s aircraft is kept.

Kenneth Copeland is the author of several books (from faith to faith, the laws of prosperity, etc.), a public speaker, a proud republican, and a musician.

2. Bishop David O. Oyedepo

David Oyedepo is the richest pastor in Africa and in Nigeria. Born on the 27 of September 1954 he is worth US$ 150 million (Forbes,2011).

Who is the Richest Pastor in the World

He founded Living Faith Church World Wide popularly called Winners Chapel.

Canaan land located at Ota in Ogun state is the headquarters of his ministry is a 5000-acre piece of land.

it holds a church with a 50,000-sitting capacity, a church secretariat, a university, primary school, boarding secondary school, and several building facilities.

David Oyedepo is an author, architect by profession, and educationist. He is married to Faith Abiola.

3. Pat Robertson

The third person on the list of the Richest Pastor in the World with a net worth of US$ 100 million is Pat Robertson.

Who is the Richest Pastor in the World

He is popularly known for being the CEO of the Christian Broadcasting Network.

He his also known for the 700 club show he appears daily.

Pat Robertson isn’t just a preacher, he his known for his political ambition; he is a proud republican.

This American pastor born on the 22nd March 1930 served in the United States of America Marines and then went on to go to law school, but failed his bar exam.

Rev Pat is not just the founder and president of CBN he is also the initiator of the following

organizations; International Family Entertainment Inc., Regent University, Operation

Blessing International Relief, and Development Corporation, and several others.

4. Benny Hinn

Benny Hinn born on the 3rd of December 1952 is the fourth richest pastor on the list with a net worth of US$ 60 million.Who is the Richest Pastor in the World


The Israeli born preacher is known for his numerous healing services across the globe.

Kathryn Kuhlman is known to be a significant figure in the life of this preacher. He imitates her style and pattern of ministry to this day.

Benny Hinn is not only a preacher, but he his also the writer of the popular ‘good morning Holy Spirit’, ‘he touched me’, ‘the anointing’, and several other best-selling books. He is also a TV host.

5. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Chris Oyakhilome founder of Believers’ LoveWorld Incorporated has a net worth of US$50 million.


The 56 years old preacher is known for his several miracle services held in different countries of the world.

The church is known as Christ embassy and it is known for the popular singers it produces, some Sinach, Frank Edwards, Ada, Joe praise, Eben to mention a few.

The Nigerian preacher presides an organization known as Chris Oyakhilome Foundation

which is an umbrella to other projects like Inner City Mission Project for orphans and

indigent kids.

6. Joel Osteen

Pastor Joel is popularly known as the smiling preacher as a net worth of US$ 40 million. He is the lead pastor at Lakewood Church located in the city of Houston, Texas.

Although he inherited the church from his father John Osteen, Pastor Joel has grown the church to be grand.

Pastor Joel claims to live off the sales from his books, one of which is ‘7 steps to living at your full potential’. He makes the list of the most influential preachers on the planet.

7. Creflo Dollar

Pastor of the American church ‘World Changers Church International’ Creflo Dollar is worth US$ 27 million. His church is located in Fulton County, Georgia.

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Creflo Dollar is the proud publisher of Change magazine which has over 100,000

subscribers globally in its quarterly publishing.

Some of a show of his wealth is a private jet, two Rolls Royce cars, and a million-dollar residential house.

8. Rick Warren

Rick Warren the lead pastor of Saddleback Church sits at number eight with a net worth US$ 25 million.91206852 1296341650570798 3692882665022034808 n

He has the sixth biggest church in the United States.

Warren is famous all over the world for his writing skills.

He is the proud author of ‘the purpose driven life’.

9. Jesse Duplantis

Jesse Duplantis, pastor of Covenant Church in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States has a net worth of US$ 20 million.

Duplantis owns a private jet costing $54 million via the donations made by his congregation.

He was once honored with a decree ‘Doctorate of Divinity’

He hosts a TV show and also has several books in his name.

10. Bishop T. D. Jakes

Bishop Jakes, the presiding bishop of Potter’s House sits tenth on the list with a net worth of US$ 18 million.

Td Jakes

He is the mostly versatile pastor on the list as he is not just a preacher but a writer and filmmaker.

The most recent of his movie is titled ‘under fire’.

while Speaking to Oprah in 2012 he claims to get his income from his church, books, and produced movies.

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