There comes a time when those memories stat flowing and you remind yourself of that hard routine you had to go through just to survive, but accomplished beauty entrepreneur Dabota Lawson says it’s part of what makes life interesting.

Beauty guru Dabota Lawson

The cosmetics guru Dabota Lawson might have stated the obvious in duct words, but that have a feeling she had gone through that unbearable moments in life before in her kinda confession note.

“Smiling because I’m thinking of you and proud of you all that grew up in hardship, in abusive homes and in toxic environments, those of you that were abused, been experiencing rejection and all kind of betrayals, those of you that have been mocked and put down , especially those of you that grew up without a mother or a father or even lost both parents BUT, you were empathetic, paid attention, figured out life by yourself, broke the cycle, cultivated goodness in your life and it shows . Yes you that should have been broken, have every reason to be hopeless, angry, bitter and way ward but chose a part of love and peace . I’m proud of you . I love you . God bless you”

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