Controversial Ghanaian actress Vicky Zugah has identified joblessness as the reason for the skyrocketing rate of nudity in the entertainment industry.

Vicky Zugah

Lately, in movies or television series, and on social media one can find our celebrities in various degrees of undress and while some have attributed it to too much Westernization, others believe it is lack of proper upbringing.

However, for actress Vicky Zugah, the main reason why more people are trying to gain notoriety by going nude is unemployment.

“Unemployment is part of the recent spate of nudity going on. In our days, we used movies to tell people how good we were, we did not have to push so hard to get into the limelight, our movies did the talking.

“But now where are the movies, they are not there so people are working yet are not known because, the industry is not doing well.

“Hence they have to find ways to be known and it is unfortunate that nudity has become the only way.

“When movies were doing well, we had no time on our hands, we were moving from one set to another so we had no time to spend all hours on social media.

I don’t mind nude roles to serve a purpose-Ama K

A platform like YouTube is paying and you will only get the views when you are known and to do that, these girls resort to nudity,” she told Showbiz recently.

Vicky Zugah

Vicky Zugah also believed nudity in on the increase because of the kind of generation we have now who love it.

“I think these ladies should just be allowed to be. I have come to realise that this age is just the one that believes in nudity, they believe that is what will make them and you cannot do anything about it. You can only talk and advice but that is what it is.

“The truth about this whole thing is that Ghanaians are hypocrites. These are people who watch all kinds of things on the Internet in private yet they will come out and be bashing the ladies who show skin or go nude.

“Ghanaians like nudity and let us also not forget that sex sells, we can pretend all we want in the world but sex sells,” she said.

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Vicky Zugah revealed that she will not go nude because in her opinion it was not right. “It is not right to do that though but what else is there to be done? This is where they have found themselves,” she added.


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