Dabota Lawson, a successful Enterpreneur and a top fashion model who rose to fame after she won Miss Nigeria UK beauty pageant in 2009.

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She took to her page to debunk rumors that was spread by Linda Ikeji’s blog incinuating someone else to be the father of her daughter.

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She shared photos along side the caption expressing her grievances

She wrote:

“This is my baby from when she was a few days old to recent date . You have to be careful not to be consumed and believe everything you see on the internet.
I Learnt that the hard way and I continue to struggle with trying to protect who and what I love.

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I am sick and tired of the LINDA IKEJI BLOG PLATFORM. I would like to openly request that they no longer post anything that concerns me .
I’ve never experienced a hate train as fast as that of the LINDA IKEJI platform.
I genuinely feel attacked .
I’m surprised at who ever is assigned or dedicated to making sure that everything about me leads to a negative conversation or puts me in a bad light.
I didn’t want to address this a while ago because in such a short space of time I saw Miss Linda herself go through series of embarrassing situation which she created over her false engagement , celibacy issues and struggles , her pregnancy and child’s paternity brouhaha.
I went from being so angry at her to feeling sorry for her .
Actually let me not lie It’s indeed a wonderful feeling to see a woman even if for a day go through what they put you through

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The Linda Ikeji platform time and time again ridiculed me and my child. Giving my child different fathers on baseless assumptions, not allowing me the choice to keep my private life private . Screen munching a video and distorting the photo of my child on her first birthday and making all kinds of claims to ruin my effort of making a memorable occasion for my innocent little girl , her platform allowing people call my child all kinds of hurtful names .
So what if she was blessing of my past relationships, whose business is it anyway?
True love and respect come with compromise.
Not everyone wants to appear on blogs and be talk of town. Some people detest and run away from it . Apart from me, there’s no member of my
Immediate family that is interested in being on the news . They don’t want it and I don’t put them out there. Same thing you should have understood about your child’s father. He never wanted to be seen or heard.
Everybody’s pregnancy is different, And mine came with a lot of stress, from trying not to have a miscarriage to dealing with all the first trimester blues , to dealing with degenerating fibroids to the point where Even at the very end of it all , I had an emergency CS.

I have noticed that no matter how grand my fashion sense is , it can never make headlines on your blog but once I’m in a swim wear or bikini immediately it makes headlines on the Linda Ikeji blog.
From knocking down my business, to my previous relationship and now to my only child .
As if in a previous life we knew each other and I took something from her .
I am saying this because unlike other blog on IG where you really have no control as to what people put as comment . Your blog is moderated , so it’s what you want as a response that goes out .
Now two Years after a blog that approve comments before it shows only approves comment insinuating that I bleached my child’s skin is totally low and disgusting .
it is important i clear the lies circulated becos i saw how Miss Linda frantically tried to set the records straight on how she could have gotten pregnant while celibate and how she desperately tried to make people know the truth becos the truth is important in a World where anything goes.

Dear Linda ,
We are both Single Mothers or as you like to refer to our kind “ BABY MAMAS “ to someone we didn’t end up getting married to.
Life didn’t go as we both planned it . But I’m believing that our kids brings us more joy and love than any man can give .
We have both gone through public scrutiny over our kids and you did what you could do to protect yours just as much as we are all doing because of the love that comes with motherhood.
We are strong women and indeed we both have it all. We have the best gift which is that of motherhood. We both have both created beautiful homes for our kids and passionately doing what we love as job/business .
At this point promoting certain things on your platform is shabby and seriously tacky .
MY CHILD IS OFF LIMITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL COME FOR YOU !!!!!!!!! It won’t kill you or take money out of your pocket if you took such a stand with your platform.

See more photos below:

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