Award winning female disk jockey, DJ Cuppy has assured trolls on her social media platforms by claiming she does not believes in blocking fans.

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The rate at which trolls tend to attack celebrities on social media this days have

seen some going as fast as blocking them so as to avoid future occurrence.

Some top celebrities are also known for attacking such fans before they block him

and sometimes it leads to the celebrity being a victim as new trolls will try to

exploit his or her weakness.

However, DJ Cuppy is not in the mood for blocking any trolls on her page as she

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noted that she has never never and would not be starting soon.

DJ Cuppy revealed this via a post on twitter handle as she noted that she does not

believe in blocking in blocking people on social media and have never done that before.

She tweeted:

I don’t believe in blocking people; I have never blocked a single person on social media in my life ?

DJ Cuppy have grown a huge fans base on social media and she has had her share of trolling in the past few years.

Just some days ago, DJ Cuppy was dragged by his fans and followers over his relationship with British boxer, Anthony Joshua.

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DJ Cuppy who had earlier mocked all her ex boyfriends could be seen on Anthony Joshua’s timeline trying to flirt with him.

However fans who were not pleased with her action trolled her as they noted that Anthony Joshua is no more interested in her.


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