Legendary Juju music singer, Ebenezer Obey has spoken about the lesson he learnt from his death rumour that circulated on social media some days ago.

"My death rumour taught me a lesson I would not forget" – Ebenezer Obey

Ebenezer Obey was at the receiving end of a death rumour last week though he has

since come out to debunk the rumours , he has continued to receive goodwill

messages from all over the world.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, the singer said the death rumours taught him an important lesson .

He said:

“ To be sincere with you , I was shocked at the overwhelming love that people showed me.”

“Till now , I have continued to receive phone calls from all over the world.”

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“I knew I had fans but I didn’ t know the love they had for me was that much .

I am very grateful to my fans for the love they have shown me and I pray God will continue to bless them. ”

“One important lesson I learnt in the midst of all this is that people love me . It is clear that if one does good, one would be loved and appreciated by people .”

When questioned on what could have triggered the rumours , Obey insisted that he had no clue.

He said;

“ You can see that I ’m hale and hearty . There is nothing wrong with me and I haven ’t been to any hospital recently.”

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“If I had been at a hospital, one could say someone saw me there and decided to spread rumours.”

“But that is not the case. The only thing wrong with me is that I have challenge with my eyesight.

I have had surgery for glaucoma and cataract and that is not something strange. And because of that , I watch my steps because I don’ t want to fall down .”

“Even when I came out to tell people about this , some people still believe I am blind but I am not. ”

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