It is important to have a go at your odds in-order to ascertain your future views, and that’s the summation of actress and TV host Olive Emodi as she noted on social media. She narrated: “Years ago as I walked down the street, I heard a guy call me “hello, sister sister excuse me”… ofcourse I ignored him, ‘how dare you catcall me’, I thought to myself.

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He eventually caught up with me and tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around about to give him a whole lecture when he said “Sister your zip is down”. I became humble, it felt like they poured ice water on me. I managed to mumble a thank you as I walked away whilst zipping up my skirt simultaneously. I spent the whole day thinking about that awkward and embarrassing situation.

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Not so long ago, I hung out with friends. I got home pretty late only to realise that a part of my dress had ripped all the while. I spent a few moments thinking “Hay God, did anybody see my bumbum? Did they notice the tear and not tell me?”. Almost as soon as the thought came, I redirected my mind to the awesome time I had at the hangout, I couldn’t be bothered to spend my whole time crying over spilled milk.

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It’s the same way I’m posting this picture even though my right eyelash is almost off?. Now you’ve gone back to take a second look right? But who cares anyway? Sometimes, other people don’t even notice these things until we draw their attention to it. But even if they notice, and so what?. My message to you today is that you stop dwelling on your mistakes;
There are no mistakes in art and you my friend, you are pure art❤.”

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