If it wasn’t Moyo Lawal, who dares flaunt her curves right in the middle of a gym workout to gain that much needed attraction…no one does it better like she does!

Moyo Lawal flashes curves to gain attraction

Her plussize character is unmissable, Moyo Lawal is that personality who sure loves you flaunt those sweet curves of hers while gaining irresistible attraction from single guys especially. This babe just wouldn’t stop her seduction with her goodies.

The Nollywood actress prides herself as a thriving entrepreneur with retailing brand of beauty products, and she is foodie too! For her fans she shared her notorious curves on instagram during a workout: “Was so sick over the weekend?…. …. …. meanwhile it’s like 3 months to the end of the year so if you have plans on getting pregnant, married ,rich , whatever your dream is ….. time to seat up and intensify your actions towards that objective …… …… #ML …. p.s have an amazing week ahead ? #MoyoLawal”

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