Controversial Relationship expert Blessing Okoro is back again, breaking on the tables available in this life as she claims 5% of married women f**k small boys.

'85% of married women f**k small boys' - Blessing Okoro (Video)

Blessing in a recent video post on her social media could be seen ranting about the issue

saying the real reason married women cheat is because their husbands have failed them in


she went on further to say the ego of men have destroyed so many marriages, because

mos of the money can do the things small boys do to their wife’s in bed.

She went on to say people only enjoy sex when they are allowed to express themselves.

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you need to learn to fuck and communicate when making love.

The world has evolved beyond the old school, we are not in the era of where people dont talk about sex anymore because every is having sex.

Watch the full video below was blessing Okoro explains how 85% of married women f**k small boys.


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