Afrobeat singer and songwriter, Burna Boy have opened up on his biggest nightmare as he noted that he has not slept ever since the Lekki massacre happened on the 20th of October.

EndSars: I have not slept since 20/10/2020 – Burna Boy shares his worst nightmare

Nigerians have seen a lot of protest ever since the country gained independent

60 years ago but 2020 will be set aside for the pains it has brought to the people as

many lives were lost due to the consistent police brutality in the country.

With the death of the peaceful protesters being shot at the Lekki tollgate still fresh in

the memories of Nigerians across the globe, self acclaimed Africa Giant,

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Burna Boy, have noted how he has been having a sleepless night.

Burna Boy who have become one of the most prominent speaker when it comes to

speaking about bad governance in the country took to micro blogging site, Twitter,

to share his nightmare with fans who are also going through the same thing.

The award winning singer noted that he has not been able to sleep ever since the

incident happened as all he’s seeing is the Lekki tollgate.

He noted that despite that he has seen a lot of violence, this particular one is the one that has Traumatized him.

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Burna tweeted:

I HAVE NOT SLEPT since 20/10/2020. I close my eyes and all I see is Lekki toll gate. I’ve seen a lot of Violence and death in my Life but this is the one that has Traumatized me.

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