Fresh week, fresh look, Ladies Turn heads at work with these amazing statement pieces. As anyone who works in an office situation knows, figuring out what to wear is a challenge.
The main aim is to look presentable, smart and slay.6ef1bb74 e063 43dc b1c1 5cd8d1ec2934


So why settle for an uninspired work wear, in a world where ‘office appropriate’ means so much more than it used to.

Now is the perfect time to infuse your wardrobe with a new flare. Take a look:

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If your work is tedious, being in comfortable clothes should be the first thing on your list….

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img 20191117 213129 2272147029733

img 20191117 213050 2082094832216

img 20191117 212956 0741569703331

img 20191117 213027 4861748612350

img 20191117 213117 4092050194691

Anyone can be stylish, but if you want to be “fashionable” you gotta play the label game at least some of the time and those little interlocking C’s are a fashionable win every time…

Slay Mamas!, Outfit Idea's for Plus Sized Women (Photos)

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img 20191117 212842 44945865757

img 20191117 212830 3731403199541

img 20191117 212739 745565527486

Your appearance matters a lot when you want to relate to others in the business world. Looking good they say, is good business…

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img 20191117 212749 501992774050

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img 20191117 212706 056937085375

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