The Plus size fashion industry has come a long way and has kept moving in a positive direction. Plus sized women are now more comfortable and respective of their body size.

Slay Mamas!, Outfit Idea's for Plus Sized Women (Photos)


You can wear anything you want, but comfort and confidence is key. You can dress well by simply choosing cloths that flatters your figure and accentuates your best.

We’ve come up with a few ways to accentuate your body type and highlight your curves. Take a look:

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Strike the right balance between fitted and too tight. Stay away from outfits that makes it hard for you to breath or outfits that reveals your under garments.

Ladies: Simple ways to Make a Fashion Statement with your Shirt Dresses (Photos)

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img 20191111 190028 836215728989

img 20191111 185202 3071447549131

img 20191111 190051 17936545598

img 20191111 185915 3271496342986

img 20191111 185144 461281233275

Have a shape wear, to help flatten your tummy, enhance your waist etc… Every woman needs a little bit of cinching, smoothing and support. Generally the shape wears help make us look refined and polished.

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img 20191111 185811 266894897186

img 20191111 185223 469167669214

There are numerous ways you can slay as a plus sized Queen. Different daring outfits to try, ranging from gowns to skirts, shirts etc

img 20191111 185358 983273294249

img 20191111 185119 2972006153440

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plus size outfits 4950294039

img 20191111 185132 61486464479

img 20191111 185348 2771839410472

img 20191111 185152 8661397027454

img 20191111 185210 300490559958

img 20191111 185232 5871651981727

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