Are you a game lover like me? And wondering how to buy games with a steam gift card? Well, this article is your answer!


During my birthday last year, a friend gifted me a Steam gift card. I was so happy because, well, playing video games is my thing. The issue here is that I have never used Steam before. So, I wasn’t really sure how to use the gift card which made me carry out some research.


I went to the Steam website to create an account. I navigated to the store page where I saw different amazing games. My heart pumped and really ready to start playing. I saw games like martial arts first-person shooters and sports & racing. 


Before I could start exploring these games, I still needed to redeem my Steam gift card. Well, I was able to navigate my ways but I spend so much time trying to figure it out. This article is going to help you save time and get to it quickly. 


What You Need To Know About Steam, Steam Wallet And Steam Gift Card 


Steam is popularly known as one of the biggest gaming distribution platforms. Almost all PC gamers have the Steam client app installed on their system. Steam is home to thousands of video games and interested persons can purchase games directly via the app. 


This is where the Steam wallet comes in. You can use the normal credit card details in your Steam wallet. Another option is to add funds to it. Steam acts like a digital bank where Steam users can add funds to their account and use for purchases. 


Steam gift card on the other hand is a prepaid card with a preset amount of money. You can redeem the amount on this gift card as funds and add to your Steam wallet. This gives you the opportunity of using to pay for games or otehr iteams on the Steam platform.  


How To Buy Games On Steam With A Steam Gift Card


Once you’ve successfully added the funds to your wallet, you can now purchase games. The steps outlined below will guide you on how to easily do that.


  • Visit the Steam website or open the Steam application.
  • Check through the store to pick a game of your choice.
  • Once seen, select “Add to Cart.”
  • You will be redirecetd to a page with two options – “Purchase for myself” and “Purchase as a gift”. Make a selection of your choice.
  • Your payment option is automatically set to be Steam wallet. However, to cross check, select “Payment Info” located at th top of the page.
  • After making a selection, you will be directed to the “Review + Purchase” page. 
  • Tick the Steam Subscriber Agreement box and click on the “Purchase” button at the bottom.


How To Add Funds To Your Steam Wallet.


As discusseed esarlier, the Steam wallet works with the Steam platform since that’s the only way you can purchase the games. Now, let’s look at hiw you can successfully add funds to your Steam wallet.


There are two ways you can add funds to your Steam wallet. It’s either you do it directly on Steam after creating an account or via a Steam gift card. 


  • Install and open the Steam application on your PC or Mac.
  • Navigate to the right-hand corner of the page and tap on yur Steam username.
  • Next action is to click on “Account details.
  • Now, scroll to “Store & Purchase History” which is loacted beaneath teh hdealine.
  • Tap on the button with this inscription – Add funds to your Steam Wallet.
  • Select the amount you intend to add to your Steam wallet.
  • There you go.


How To Redeem Steam Gift Card Online


  • Visit the Steam website or open the Steam app on your system.
  • Sign in to your Steam account.
  • Scroll to your account name and click on  “Account details”
  • Tap on “Add Funds to your Steam Wallet.”
  • Navigate to the right-hand side and click on “Redeem a Steam Wallet Code.”
  • Punch in the card number on your Steam gift card or included in the wallet code.
  • Input your US address.
  • Click on the “Continue” button. 


The value of your Steam gift card will be added to your Steam balance immediately. You can check the balance of your Steam gift card in the upper right corner below your profile name.


Where To Buy Steam Gift Card

You can buy Steam gift card at a variety of retail stores, game stores, convenience stores or grovery stores. 


Many online retailers like Amazon, Steam, Walmart, eBay have Steam gift acrd fro sales. You can buy the physical gift card or digital code online. The digital gift card will be sent to you via email while the physical gift card can be mailed to your address. There are many other reputable platforms in Nigeria that sell gift cards



Voila, the worry about figuring how to buy games with yur steam gift card is solved.  

Whether you have purchase a Steam gift card or was given as a gift. The steps outlined in this piece will make your game purchase seamless. Do you know about another the ideal way to utilize your gift card? That is choosing to sell your Steam gift card for cash


The number of trading platfroms and apps in Nigeria is increasing everyday. So, you can easily get the best gift card trading platform and use. 

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