Gift cards are fast-rising in the financial industry. Similar to credit and debit cards, they are used to make purchases at stores or online. However, they are different from each other in some ways.

Several brands like Google Play are using gift cards for business promotion and marketing. Google Play gift cards are also admired by the users since normal bank charges are eliminated, and access to discounts and promos.

There are several benefits Google Play gift card offers to users including redeeming it for media items and exchanging it for cash.


A lot of platforms have tapped into this space and offer gift card trading services in Nigeria. 


Some are only disguising and out there to scam while there are a few ones that are reputable and known for their reliable service.


This article will show you the best platform NOSH to sell Google Play Gift Cards instantly in Nigeria.

What is a Google Play Gift Card?


Google Play Gift Card is a preloaded card that carries a certain monetary value useful to redeem items in the store. The items include ebooks, Tv shows, music, apps, etc.

NOSH - Sell Google Play Gift Cards Instantly in Nigeria

They need to be activated before using them to redeem items. Google Play gift cards are also issued in two different forms which are physical gift cards and E-code.


Google Play physical gift cards are available for sale at various retail outlets including Target, Walmart, Best Buy, and CVS Pharmacy. 


Google Play E-code is a set of numbers and letters sent to your email address or SMS when purchased at online stores.


Where to Sell Google Play Cards in Nigeria?


Curious about where to sell Google Play gift cards in Nigeria?  Worry no more. 

Nosh is a well-known gift card trading site where users easily exchange their gift cards for cash.


The best place to sell your Google Play gift card in Nigeria is Nosh. Google Play gift card is one of the gift cards with good resale value on the Nosh categorized as Hottest Rates.


Download the mobile app on the Google Play store


Download the mobile app on Appstore


Features of the Nosh App


  1. Live Chat


There is an in-app live chat available on Nosh mobile applications. Users can reach out to the customer support team through it and they will be attended to promptly.


  1. End-to-end security


The security of users’ data is very paramount. Nosh ensures to install a security-enhanced program that protects your data against cyber attacks.


  1. Good Rates


Among the gift card trading platforms in Nigeria, the rates offered by Nosh are incomparable. 


  1. Instant Payment


Every gift card trader expects to get their money after making a transaction. There is no delay on the Nosh app. Swift transactions and instant payment are what existing Nosh users enjoy.


  1. User-friendly interface 


Users can easily navigate the Nosh platform with no written guide. There are no annoying ads and you can easily locate whatever action you want to take.


How to Trade Google Play Card On Nosh?

  1. Register an account on the website or simply download the Nosh app.


  1. Sign in and tap on “Sell Gift Cards” 


  1. Select the Google Play gift card


  1. Select the subcategory of the Google Play gift card. 


  1. Enter the amount you want to sell and upload the card image.


  1. Click on “Sell” to complete the transaction. 

What is the Current Rate of Google Play Gift Cards in Nigeria?


Google Play gift card rate varies across the country. There are several platforms providing the gift card exchange service offering different rates to gift card traders. Generally, certain factors like the demand and supply of the card can influence the rate. 


There is a real-time gift card rate calculator on the Nosh website and app to check gift card rates. At the moment, a $100 Google Play gift card is up for NGN 49, 000.


How to Recognize a Google Play Gift Card? 


The gift card carries the brand name – Google Play and its logo. There is a mixture of digits and letters which represents the code. Some Google Play codes are 16  digits while some are 20.


The country of the gift card can be easily identified with the gift card’s currency. Check the terms and conditions, the country’s initials are always included there. The country initials and what they represent include “us” – USA, “uk” – United Kingdom, “au” – Australia, and “de” – Germany.


Cards from Canada are easy to recognize because they are mostly written in both French and English.


How to Check Google Play Balance?


It is always recommended to know the balance of a gift card before proceeding to sell it. This will also help you to discover if the gift card is already redeemed or unused. 


Go to Google Play and log in to your account. Navigate to “Redeem” on the page. Tap on it and enter the Google Play card code. 


The balance will be revealed if the card is redeemable. Otherwise, an error message will pop up to notify the card is bad and can’t be used.


Error Prompts Associated with Redeeming Google Play Gift Card.


There are certain errors that you might see while trying to redeem your Google Play gift card.


When the Google Play gift card you want to redeem is not activated yet, you may get the error message “Your code could not be redeemed”. You can go to the retail store you got it from. They will assist with the card activation.


There is a possibility that the card you have has already been redeemed. There will be a pop message to explicitly inform you in such a case. This should be reported to the Google Play support team via the Help option on the app.


The most common error among Google Play gift card users is the “We need more info to Redeem this card” prompt. That error prompt will be properly addressed by the store you got it from.



Exchange your Google Play gift card for cash on Nosh. The steps outlined above will help you seamlessly get that done. 


Experience swift transactions and instant payment when you sell your Google Play gift cards with Nosh.


Don’t hesitate to reach out to customer support if you have any requests or questions.


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