Based in Nigeria and interested in knowing how you can redeem a Razer Gold gift card? This is the right guide for you. I will be focusing on how to redeem a Razer Gold gift card in Nigeria. 

Gaming has always been and will always be one of the most exciting adventures you can embark on online. The Razer brand saw a need and stepped in. Not only do they offer the fantastic Razer Gold platform but they also make payment easy with the Razer Gold gift card. 

Razer Gold gift cards are virtual credits you can use to purchase all kinds of games available on the Razer platform. This means you don’t need your credit card details before you can play or download games on the platform. Keep reading to learn how this awesome gift card can be utilized in Nigeria. 

Best Place To Redeem Razer Gold Gift Card In Nigeria

The best place to redeem a Razer Gold gift card in Nigeria is Nosh. Nosh is a gift card trading platform built with the ideal system for seamless trade. You can conveniently sell all kinds of gift cards including Razer Gold gift cards, Steam gift cards, iTunes gift cards, and many more. 

There is an implemented top-security procedures in place to make sure your fund and personal details are safe.

There is no specific time range to trade as you can sell your gift cards anytime, any day. Once your trade is approved, your account will be credited immediately. No fear of unguaranteed payment or internet scams. With Nosh, you are absolutely safe and in the right hands. 

Step-By-Step Guide To Redeem Razer Gold Gift Card In Nigeria

Follow these steps to sell your Razer Gold gift card on Nosh.

  1. Go to the Nosh website or  PlayStore/AppStore to download the Nosh mobile app.
  2. Create an account with your email address.
  3. You will receive a link from Nosh immediately to verify your account.
  4. Once done, sign in with your email address and password.
  5.  Tap on the “Sell Gift Card” section on the dashboard.
  6. Select the gift card brand name i.e Razer Gold
  7. Select the subcategory of your Razer Gold gift card.
  8. Enter the amount of the Razer Gold gift card you have.
  9. Click the cart icon to upload your Razer Gold card images. Make sure the images are clear.
  10. Tap on the Proceed button.

Your trade will be reviewed for approval immediately. If successful, your account will be credited. Otherwise, you will receive a mail informing you why the trade wasn’t approved. 

FAQs About Redeeming Razer Gold Gift Cards


What Can I Buy With Razer Gold Gift Card?

You can buy video games, laptops, or any gaming items available at Razer with your Razer Gold gift card.

How Much Is A $100 Razer Gold Gift Card To Naira?

At the moment, a $100 Razer Gold gift card is currently between NGN45,000 and NGN65,000. This is depending on the country of the gift card and the gift card trading platform. The US Razer Gold gift card and UK Razer Gold gift card on Nosh are currently NGN63,000 and NGN45,000 respectively. 

How Much Is A $500 Razer Gold Gift Card?

A $500 Razer Gold gift card in Nigeria presently ranges between 225,000 Naira and 315,000 Naira. Note that this price doesn’t stay constant. The same applies to the $100 Razer Gold gift card. The gift card rate varies according to the brand, dollar-naira exchange rate, and the gift card trading platform. Nosh is ideal for you because they make sure you get the best rate no matter the condition. To stay updated, use the rate calculator on the Nosh website.

Can I Reload A Razer Gold Gift Card?

No, Razer Gold gift cards are not reloadable. Alternatively, buy a new Razer Gold gift card on Nosh.

Do Razer Gold Gift Cards Expire?

No, Razer Gold gift cards do not expire. No inactivity of service fees is attached as well. 


Now that you know how to redeem Razer Gold gift cards in Nigeria, it’s time to cash in. Razer Gold gift card has a pretty high rate compared to other gift cards. You shouldn’t miss out on such an exciting offer, especially with a platform like Nosh. Feel free to cash in your unused Razer Gold gift cards with no delay. Get started by signing up on Nosh. 

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