Award winning rapper and singer, Olamide, has opened up on how he has to stop restricting his creativity for the sake of his own sanity and mental health.

I’ve to stop restricting my creativity for my mental health - Olamide opens up

The 31-year-old singer, who doubles as the CEO of YBNL Nation, spoke in a recent

interview — on the back of the release of ‘Carpe Diem‘, his 11th studio album.

“Honestly, the level at which I am right now is very personal. I am just taking my

creativity to the extreme, for my own good, and for my own sanity,” Olamide said.

“I feel like I have been restricting myself all this while, and for my own mental health,

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it is high time to unbox myself and do everything I have ever dreamt of.”

When asked if he still regards himself as the ‘voice of the streets’ after his foray into

foreign markets, the singer said: “It depends on whatever people feel right now.

“They have the final say to say if Olamide is the voice of the streets or whatnot.

As I am right now, I don’t know about 2019 or other past years. In 2020, I feel

like it is more of a rebirth year for me. I feel brand new.

“I feel like a new artist. My new songs don’t sound like my old songs, maybe a few

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similarities. I feel like I am a new person entirely right now like I am just starting fresh.

“What I am on right now is beyond being the voice of the streets. Right now,

I just want to be a better version of myself and I want to make the best out of life and

reach as many people as possible.”

Olamide’s comment comes months after he sealed a joint venture deal with Empire Distribution, a record and publishing company in the United States.


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